Cheer, Shout, March

I am pleased to announce the release of “Cheer, Shout, March,” a photographic essay of Donald Trump’s Inauguration, protests, and the Women’s March on Washington. I shot in Washington, D.C., for three days, Jan. 19-21, 2017. These images document the joy, anger, and frustration of supporters, protesters, and marchers who were in Washington, D.C., during the Inaugural events and the Women's March. Looking back on Trump's chaotic first year in office, these images serve as a haunting foretelling of what was to come. 

The book is available through Blurb as a print book or an ebook, which is only $7.99 Please click here! (A full preview of the book is available if you click on the print edition.)

Available as in iBook, too.  Click here.